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Block type radial bearing

- Commodity: Block type radial bearing

- Origin: China, Germany, Japan

- Price: Negotiate

- Specification: Order

- Warranty: 02 years

Product's feature

The product is a kind of water lubricating composite material which made from the high-strength synthetic fiber and high - wear resistant special engineering plastics strengthened high molecular material and steel base are integrated with each other through vacuum soldering process.

  • Advantage:
  • - It has trong affinity to water, anti-sediment and excellance wear-resistance performance.
  • - Low friction, small power consumption, and it can save energy more than 15% than other bearings.
  • - It has self - lubricating property, if the start and stop machine lower than the lubricating boundary condition, and it can not set the hydrodynamic lubricating water film or the water supply system broke off for a short time, the bearing can still work normally.
  • - It has high loading capacity, a certain degree of damping performance and stable and reliable operation.
  • - It possesses the unique self-adjustment function to the misalignment of the bearing and journal, non-ideal contact caused by the manufacture, installation error, transfiguration etc, and therefore improves the situation of force.
  • - It has small water - absorption and stability in dimension. It is easy to adjust the gap and need not to scrap the layer before installation.
  • - It will substitute for the Babbit metal bearing and has a simple structure without oil supply system. As it takes the cheap water as the lubricating medium, it lowers the operating cost
  • - It is a kind of enviroment-friendly water - lubricating bearings.

Mechanical material property

Dry friction coefficient
u 0.14 to 0.165
Water friction coefficient u 0.002  to  0.004
Compressive strength 25ºC
MPa 45
Modulus of elasticity
(1.9 to 2.4)x103
Linear expansion coefficient


Thermal conductivity W/m.K 0.71
Water absorption % ≤0.05
Allowable PV factor MPaxm/s 70
Ranges of operating temper ºC 130