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Elastic metal - plastics bearing

- Commodity: Elastic metal - plastic bearing

- Origin: China, Germany, Japan

- Price: Negotiate

- Specification: Order

- Warranty: 02 years

Product's feature

This product is consist of the lower friction and higher wear resistance self-lubricating composite material layer, which is compounded by the metal porous elastic wire cushion and strengthened high performance PTFE plastic, firmly connected with different geometric shapes steel through vacuum soaking tin soldering process to form the new generation enviroment prevention high wear resistance elastic metal-plastics bearing.

  • Advantage:
  • - The products are applied for the different supporting methods and the different lubricating oil circle cooling methods.
    - The small friction coefficient can decrease the operating loss of the bearing effectively.
    - It is possessed of the excellence anti - bite performance, which avoid the occurrence of the adherence and bearing burning accident.
    - It is possessed of perfectly wear resistance and longer service life.
    - The loading capacity is more than 20% than that of Babbit bearing.
    - It can applied to the oil and grease lubricating, if the oil tank is mixed with water, it can still work normally under the oil - water lubricating condition.
    -  It is possessed of the good heat insulation property, which decrease heat distortion of the bearing base.
  • - It has good lubricating property, and it can start and stop safety under the cancellation of the high-pressure oil jacking-up settings so as to simplify the operating procedures.
  • - It has the perfect compliance and the unique "self-adjustiing" performance, which can adjust the contact pressure between layers and the status of force so as to make it more uniform. The bearing has big relibale operation and safety margin.
  • - There is no need to scrap and abrade onto the liner so as to shorten the constructional period of overhaul and installation.

Mechanical material property

Compressive strength
MPa 45
Modulus of elastricity
x103MPa 1.9 to 2.4
Linear expansion coefficient
10-5 ºC-1 1.8
Thermal conductivity
Dry friction coefficient

0.14 to 0.18

Lubricating friction coefficient u 0.01 to 0.03