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Partial type radial bearing

- Commodity: Partial type bearings

- Origin: China, Germany, Japan

- Price: Negotiate

- Specification: Order

- Warranty: 02 years

Product's feature

Partial type bearings is a kind of water lubricating composite material which is made from a high strength sythetic fiber and high wear resistant special engineering plastic strengthened high molecular material as its friction surface layer, and the composite material and steel base are intergraded with each other through vacuum soldering process. Type of bearing is applied widely in heavy industry as follow:  It has been used in hydro-generator, large pump, turbin in electrical station, mechanical equipment in hydropower project (supporting of arc gate, wheel part in plat gate)...ect

  • Advantage:
  • - It has strong affinity to water, anti - sediment and excellence wear-resistant performance.
  • - Low friction, smal power consumption and it can save more than 15% other bearing
  • - Long life

Mechanical material property

Dry friction coefficient
μ 0.14 to 0.165
Water friction coefficient
μ 0.002 to  0.004
Compressive strength  25ºC
Module of elasticity
(1.9÷2.4) x103
Linear expansion coefficient
ºC-1 1.8x10-5
Thermal conductivity
W/m.K 0.71
PV limit value
MPa xm / s 70
Ranges of operating temperature
° C