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Useful Information

Thin walled metal base, copper-based self-lubricating bearing

- Commodity: Thin walled metal base

- Origin: China, Germany, Japan

- Price: Negotiate

- Specification: Order

- Warranty: 02 years

Product's feature

Bimetalic self - lubricating material is a kind of composite material that takes the low carbon steel sheet, stainless steel sheet or bronze sheet as its backing and takes the sintered copper alloy containing solid lubircant as its friction layer. This product is applied to the guide vane. It can also be widely used in the field of metallurgy and mine equipment, hydraulic engineering metal structures, food machinery, textile machinery, valve...ect

  • Advantage:
  • - This product has reached a very high intensity, and possesed of high.
  • - Low friction coefficient
  • - Under the various motional status of lower velocity and heavier, lubricating oil film will not be maintained. Owing to the restriction and limitation of the working environment or mechanical structure, it is difficult to provide oil lubrication. Working uder the conditions of high temperature or the ambient temperature changes in a wide range. 
  • - Long life

Mechanical material property

Dry Friction coefficient 
μ 0.1 to 0.18
Allowable max dynamic load
MPa ≤150
Allowable max static load
MPa ≤ 320
Max PV factor, V=0.2 m/s MPa xm / s 1.0
Operating temperature
° C
-100 to +250