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Useful Information

Wind turbine generator main shaft aligning plain bearings

- Commodity: Wind turbine generator main shaft aligning plain bearings

- Origin: China, Germany, Japan

- Price: Negotiate

- Specification: Order

- Warranty: 02 years

Product's feature

The product is composed of inner spherical rotation, the outer ring, thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, self-sufficiency in oil installations, seals. Spherical rotation Deputy to take the constraints of institutions, only play the role of self-aligning to adapt to the dynamics of wind power spindle work 2-3 ° swing angle, does not participate in the rotation, the inner ring of the inner surface of compound high-performance, environmentally friendly polymer friction surface layer of wind power spindle rotary friction pair.

  • Advantage:
  • - No need supply grease or oil lubricant including operating.
  • - Lower friction coefficient.
  • - High abrasive resistance
  • - Long life and lower cost

Mechanical material property

Allowable static load
N / mm ²
Allowable dynamic load
N / mm ²
PV limit factor with P=40 MPa
N / mm ² xm / s
Friction coefficient
0,1 to 0,15
Ranges of temperature
° C
-100 to +280