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Bimetal bushing

Commodity: laminated
Origin: China, Germany, Japan
Price: Negotiable
Specification: According to the order
Warranty: 02 years

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Product information

Product features

This type is made of two metal layers, cold rolled low carbon steel or copper plate, copper layer inserted with lubricating material to form the friction surface. This silver product is widely used in the irrigation, hydropower, thermal power and metallurgical industries.

Outstanding advantages:
- High force, abrasion resistance.
- Low coefficient of friction, high temperature resistance.
- Simple and compact structure
- Long service life

Mechanical and physical properties of the material

Tải trọng tĩnh MPa 320
Tải trọng động MPa 150
Trị số PV cho phép, P=40MPa MPa xm / s 2.55
Hệ số ma sát khô u 0.1 đến 0.15
Hệ số ma sát ướt u 0.08 đến 0.11
Nhiệt độ sử dụng ºC -150 đến 350




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