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Plastic - POM

Specific gravity: 1.41g / cm3
Moisture absorption (At 20 ° C): 0.2%
Tensile strength: 70N / mm2

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POM resin (POM), also known as acetal, polyacetal and polyformaldehyde, is a high-strength, low-friction engineering thermoplastic. Good resistance to abrasion in both wet and dry environments. An easy-to-work material, an ideal choice for the fabrication of parts with complex machining requirements and demanding dimensions.

At room temperature, Pom material has outstanding advantages in hardness and toughness. As a material with good working performance, ability to work continuously in high temperature environment.

Characteristics of Pom


Trọng lượng riêng


Hấp thụ độ ẩm (Ở 20°C)


Độ bền kéo


Độ dãn phá hủy


Hệ số trượt


Nhiệt độ hóa lỏng


Nhiệt độ làm việc thấp nhất


Nhiệt độ làm việc cao nhất



High wear resistance

Low coefficient of friction

High heat resistance

Good electrical and dielectric properties

Low water absorption


- Mechanical gears, guide slider, springs, chains, screws, nuts, impellers, pump parts, valve body.

- Electrical engineering: Insulators, connectors, spare parts for electronic devices such as televisions, phones ...

- Vehicles: Float in the material level indicator, central door control box, door locking system, housings of joints

- Model: Model train, truck, railing.

- Health: Insulin syringe, quantitative spray box, dentures.

- Food technology: Milk pumps, filter bags and food conveyors

- Furniture: All kinds of locks, handles, hinges

- Construction: Glass support structures.

- Packing: Spray box, cart

- Sports: Painball accessories; Use in the airsoft guns to reduce piston noise

- Garment: Zippers

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