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Plastic - PTFE

Also known as Teflon, it is a fluorine resin with soft properties resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and corrosion.
PTFE resin features heat resistance, low mechanical, electrical and friction resistance, making it the material of choice in cases of high temperature resistance and low friction.
PTFE resin is used in the food processing, medical, electrical, and bearing industries

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PTFE resin is soft and has high formability, and is often used as chemical resistant gaskets and gaskets. Because of its large electrical properties, PTFE is also used in the aerospace and computer industries. Glass-reinforced PTFE resin has enhanced strength and rigidity.

Properties table of PTFE resin

Characteristic Value

Specific gravity 2.15-2.30

Destruction elongation 75 ~ 200%

Tensile strength 1500 ~ 2400

Moisture absorption <0.01%

The dielectric constant (1K) 2.26

The dielectric strength (volts / mil) 450

The highest temperature can work: 200 ° C

The highest temperature can withstand 260 ° C


- Ball bearings and bearings

- Gear

- Sliding surface

- Seal gasket

- The system of gaskets for sealing valves, seals

- Pump accessories

- Cable insulation

- Affiliate cluster

- Semiconductor equipment

- Medical equipment

- Chemical resistant pipe

- Heat resistant plate

- Non-stick coating.

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