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PVC resin

Polyvinylchloride, abbreviated as PVC, is the common plastic polyethylene and polypropylene. PVC is used in construction because it is more efficient than traditional materials such as iron, copper or wood .... Can be softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers.

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Đặc tính

PVC cứng

PVC dẽo

Tỷ trọng [g/cm3]



Độ dẫn nhiệt [W/(m-k)]



Độ cứng (psi)

4500 - 8700

1450 - 3600

Độ đàn hồi[psi]



Độ dẽo [psi]



Độ chịu nén[psi]



Hệ sồ nhiệt giãn nở[mm/(mm °C)]



Vicat B



Điện trở[Ω m]



Điện trỏ suất bề mặt [Ω]




PVC film is created by rolling on a laminating machine or blowing on a film blowing machine. PVC film consists of hard, semi-rigid and soft films. Depending on the amount of plasticizer added, hard, semi-hard and soft PVC film will be produced.

PVC film is used to produce a wide variety of products such as raincoats, awnings, salt field covers, mineral water bottle labels, product packaging, albums, etc.


PVC pipes are of two types. Rigid PVC pipes are also known as uPVC pipes and flexible PVC pipes. Rigid PVC pipes do not use plasticizers in the mixing formula. In contrast, flexible PVC pipes must use a plasticizer in the mixing formula, the plasticizer commonly used is the DOP plasticizer.

PVC pipes are used in a variety of life from water pipes from water plants to water distribution stations, water supply pipes from water plants to households, sewage pipes in high-rise buildings, pipes. Irrigation water in rubber, coffee, pepper, cashew farms, water supply pipes in hydropower plants, etc.

Electric wires and cables

PVC resin is widely used in the manufacture of electric wires and cables. Depending on the type of additive used, power cables are classified into cables that use at 70 degrees C, 90 degrees C and 105 degrees C.

uPVC profile

uPVC profile is a rigid plastic rod produced on a two-axis extruder. Blending ingredients include PVC (K65 - K66), heat stabilizer, lubricant, machining aid, impact strength enhancer, filler, pigment, anti-UV agent.

The application of uPVC heat-resistant plastic bar is to make high-grade steel core plastic door products. The uPVC product line includes windows, doors, PVC partitions, plastic fences surrounding villas or townhouses.

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