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Self lubricated bushing

Origin: China, Germany, Japan
Price: Negotiable
Specification: According to the order
Warranty: 02 years

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Product information

Product features

Copper lubricant mosaic is made from medium or low base material and frictional surface layer is copper alloy with appropriate thickness. These two layers are closely linked. On the surface of the friction layer there are shallow holes (for silver with inner diameter> 200 mm) or through holes (for silver with inner diameter <200mm). In these holes contain solid lubricants, during work the friction surface will be lubricated by these solids.

Outstanding advantages:

- Material saving, high features, low price
- Low coefficient of friction
- High resistance to abrasion
- Long service life
Properties of fabricated materials

Tải trọng tĩnh cho phép N / mm ² 280
Tải trọng động cho phép N / mm ² 160
Trị số PV tối đa với P=75 MPa N / mm ² xm / s 1,6
Hệ số ma sát  μ 0,08 đến 0,12
Nhiệt độ sử dụng ° C -80 Đến +250


Assembly tolerance

Dung sai lỗ ghép H7
Dung sai đường kính ngoài s6
Dung sai đường kính trong E8 trước khi lắp, H10 sau khi lắp
Dung sai trục d8
Độ cứng yêu cầu trục độ cứng> 180 HB
Độ nhám bề mặt trục Ra 0,2 - 0,8 micromet



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