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Self lubricating Sliding plate

Commodity: Self lubricating sliding plate
Origin: China, Germany, Japan
Price: Negotiate
Specification: Order
Warranty: 02 years

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Product information

High strength steel base composite material sliding plate is the most excellent properties of synthetic indexes in recent years. This sliding plate adopts the double combination media, which strengthen the connection of plastics and bronze layers; thicken the surface friction layer so as to prolong the service life, the plastic and bronze layer is composite to the steel concave groove, which improve the status of force, both possessed the performance of lower friction coefficient and improve the loading capacity and shearing strength of sliding material. The self lubricating sliding palte are mainly used in the fields of water conservancy machinery, hydro-power equipment, metallurgy mechinery, mining machinery, heavy machinery, construction machinery...ect


- High loading capacity, better friction and wear resistance, self-lubricating maintenance-free, better dimension stability, longer service life

- When sliding with rail, the wear is mainly happen in the sliding plate, so it has good protection the rail. The sliding plate has moderate elasticity which can improve the contact status of the rail and sliding plate, and decrease the excessive contact stress caused by manufacture, installation error and transfiguration.

- It has groove effect itself which cancels the groove of transitional sliding plate and simplifies the structure; it can be fixed to the sluice with bolts directly, which simplify the procedures of installation, disassembly and replacement and decrease the cost of installation and maintenance

Mechanical material property

Allowable linear pressure KN / cm ≥ 80
Dry friction coefficient μ 0.03 to 0.09
Water friction coefficient μ 0.04 to 0.09
Operating longevity năm ≥ 40
Ranges of operating temperature ° C -40 to +90



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