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Self Lubricating Spherical plain Thrust bearings

Commodity: Self lubricating spherical plain thrust bearing
Origin: China, Germany, Japan
Price: Negotiate
Specification: Order
Warranty: 02 years

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Product information

The base material of the bearing housing adopts copper alloy specially produced and the spherical surface is inlaid with solid lubricant, the housing generaly adopts bearing steel (stainless steel) to be quenched and the spheriacal surface of the housing is plated with hard chrome and polished.


- Operating wihout lubricating
- It is possessed high loading capacity
- Low friction coefficient.
- Shock dynamic load

Mechanical material property

Static load MPa 280
Dynamic load MPa 160
PV limit factor MPa xm / s 2
Friction coefficient u 0.07 to 0.11
Ranges of the operating ºC

-80 to +250


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