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Series self lubricating bearing lined with PTFE fabrics

Commodity: Self - lubricating bearing lined with PTFE fabrics
Origin: China, Germany, Japan
Price: Negotiate
Specification: Order
Warranty: 02 years

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Product information

Self lubricating bearing lined with PTFE fabrics takes woven Teflon or PTFE fibers as friction surface with applied to the steel base with structure adhesives. To assure the best possible bond between PTFE fibers and backing steel material, a kind of polyamide fibers is interwoven with the PTFE fibers.
These bearings are the most suitable for following applications: high loads, lower speed. They are usually used in equipment as follow: Guidevance bearing, ball valve and butterfly valve of hydro-power station; Heavy-duty suspension systems of trucks, tractors, fork lift trucks and related equipment, for example rock shaft assembly, steering system, brake system, clutch for trucks, passenger cars, farm machinery, outboard motor steering system, butterfly valve and ball valve, conforms to NSF standard, extile machinery, Bridge, pipe lines, and other structure supporting bearings, cranes boom foot pivot, hinge and brace points in the pendants assembly.


- It can be operated completely dry
- It has high load - carrying capacity up to 210MPa
- It has low coefficient of friction down to  0.02
- It has high resistance to fatigue under shock loads
- It has high wear resistance
- It has good dimensional stability.
- It does not conduct electricity and has no magnetic

Mechanical material property

Static load limit MPa 210
Dynamic load limit MPa 140
PV limit value MPa xm / s ≥ 2.4
Friction coefficient u ≤ 0.15
Cofficient of expansion ºC-1

Indentical to the backing



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